ramble of love

My partner “T” and I have been going on over two years. i love her  a lot, i really do. we don’t always see eye to eye on everything. its easy because we come from two very different back grounds.

T was raised wealthier and in a hell of a nicer place then me, no her life was not perfect by any means. The things we went through and they way we lived was just very different.

She is a square, i was a rebel.

Some how we make it work, like any real relationship you have to put work into it. Its the part of the fairytale thats in fine print. Its hard to work with some one and to make things fair even when you don’t see things the same. When you do its worth it. My ex girlfriend once told me that fairy tales don’t happen and id never get what i was looking for. she was right and wrong. my belief in fairy tale endings is even stronger now, but she was correct in that id never find what i was looking for. i was settling for a noble when my charming princess was finding her way to me.

of course we fight about the dumbest things, and serious things as well. The amount i love this woman, is truly a wonderment. Nothing she could do could ever stop or reverse the love that pours from my heart for her. she is a pain in my ass but she is my pain. i love all the things i learn from her, she is so brilliant and beautiful.

i know i have no idea who i am and i am sure she is in the same boat. the most beautiful thing we have besides love is that we get to go on this adventure of becoming who we are together. Not only as two separate people but also as lovers. if anything she teaches me more about myself than anything and i hope i help her in the same ways.

she is the calm and i am the storm. together we are the perfect cocktail of life and with out her id be your normal single party lesbo. I am so glad to have found her.

it may not be a who i am but she is a piece to the puzzle that is my life.


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