The way some things work

Have you ever noticed when you’re not as excited about something people automatically think you hate something.
For example:
“T” and I are going to EDC this year. For those of you who don’t know what EDC is I’ll explain. It’s the biggest “rave” ever. Lots of techno/dubstep with ever LED light in North America. Big artist in this type of music are there on multiple stages. Fairs-wheel, booths, etc.
I’m excited but she is pumped about going. So since I’m not jumping up and down I hate it.
We are listening to some dubstep right now and she says,
“You can turn my music off”

I love dubstep, it’s upbeat and crazy just like me. So now I guess I don’t like that too since I’m not excited.
People are funny aren’t they?

Also don’t get me wrong not upset with her or anything I just think it’s funny the way everyone works differently and no one handles anything exactly the same.
Anyways on with your night.
Hope you enjoy it!


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