Ever Have

When I decide something there is no half way. I either do it or I don’t.
I haven’t slept.
I cried a lot last night.
Some people say I’m over emotional .
I just think I’m human and I feel.

I don’t just feel for myself. I feel for you too. Even if I do not know you, if you tell me something or I read a blog, I truly feel for you. If you are sad, lonely, or afraid my heart reached out to you even breaks a little because you are not happy or well. If you at happy, on a new journey, getting great news,
Than I am so excited for you. I may never hear from you again but I will love you and never have meet you.
Because that’s who I am. I feel life and death, happiness and sadness, successfulness and failure.

If I tell you my heart is broken, do not mock me. Because something has shattered me.
I am weak and there for I am strong.
I will love you unconditionally.
I will fight by your side.
I’ll be the best friend, lover, or family you could ever have.
I will never leave you unless you need me to so you can live better.
I, who will go the distance for a stranger, will always be there to pour love on the world. So when you are looking for a light, know you always have a friend in me


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