When the world crashes around you

I never thought I started this blog to bore you with my problems. I thought what a neat way to say all the weird things I think and maybe someone will read them agree and the weird me becomes normal or maybe no one reads and I get all this out for me.
It turns out that as I’ve been growing up I have less and less friends to talk to about anything. So this was my way of not going crazy because even if no one ever read this at least it wasn’t inside me any longer.
So here we go…..

No relationship is perfect.
Like ive said before you have to work for that fairytale ending.
My new question is at what cost.
It’s sad but everything comes with a price. Sometimes it’s not that you aren’t willing to pay the price, it’s that you can’t.
I have not lived a perfect life. I’ve made more mistakes than I can count but I always paid the price.
Today I don’t have anything but the small part that’s left of my entire being. I can’t afford to pay because in doing so I’ll lose myself. There won’t be anything left. I know I know time heals. But what if there is nothing left to heal. What if you traded a piece of you every time you had sex with a different person, what if while you traded pieces for life and love. Or drugs. Or anything.
Then what if a time comes where you have to give that piece for love.
But you can’t. Because it would destroy you.
I’m not talking about give it all up for love and feel the love.
What if you were asked to be a back burner? To wait while they had fun?
What’s meant to be will be, right?
But what if that was all it took to destroy the fragile and new you. Then what do you do?



  1. Never allow yourself to be on the back burner by the time they get back to you their just pieces of who you wants wanted then you will only be bitter because you waited on a memory and not the reality.

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