The top of texas is brown

I live in a place that lacks excitement.
There is nothing to see, no beautiful mountains.
It has little trees, a few hills, a small canyon, and nothing but boring run down bars.
Not that we go to bars much, but it would be nice to go out side and be able to do something.
It’s brown all year round.
There’s the river…mostly dried out. But you need dirt bikes, four wheels, or something four wheel drive.
You can only go to the movies so many times. Honestly it’s so expensive last time I took “T” we spent $40. That’s as much as our ticket at the restaurant we went to before the show.
Boredom can starve a relationship. Works the same everyday, nothing exciting happens, and we can never find anything to do.
I think we are pretty strong these days.
It’s hard to not feel like you are drifting apart when nothing new is happening.
I’m writing this at work where I stand and do nothing.
I hate this job.


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