On a serious note

Why I’ve decided to unfollow the Facebook page To Write Love On Her Arms:

I was once a dumb kid. When I didn’t know what to do with my life and my parents were out of control and therefor so was my life. I used to hurt myself and now that I’ve grown up I feel like such a fool. I believe it is a sickness for some and a misguided way for others but then there is the third group. The ones I call trigger warners. When I was doing it i didn’t go tell the universe. I kept my problems to myself until I got help for myself and started becoming who I am today. So I understand needing to cry out for help. But they make fake profiles and post that they have taken a bottle of pills or are bleeding out. And then there they are the next day.
Where are these kids parents and when did it become okay to do or say these things.
Oh but don’t say anything that would actually help them. Because the rest shall attack. Like good lord, I know what I’m talking about. My life was crazy but the worst thing wasn’t the awful things life brings or my parents and their lives of chaos. No the worst thing was what I did to myself. I survived me. Thank god.
And if you are so sensitive that you would need something that said trigger warning, what are your doing on that page? It’s like a suicide note every other post.
I know I know I’m being kinda harsh.
But as someone who found out that life is more if you let it be and has come so far from the little kid who hurt themselves and didn’t post all over the net about it, I feel like I can say this with no regret.

Also if you are seriously hurting and are not doing it for attention then this was never for you. If you are hurting I ask that you get help and begin to really live and see life and fall in love and find peace in this world.
Either way suicide and self harm are no joke and if you or someone you know is hurting yourself go to a counselor or parent or friend. Someone.
Just get help.


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