emotional roller coaster

Is it always the way of women to be an emotional roller coaster? I’m sure I am one too, as i said before i am very tied to my emotions. I do feel like that for someone that believes in fairytale endings that i am a little more realistic about life. I get that life is a complication of multiple tangled webs, multiple heart breaks, times of sadness. That is only part of it though. Life is also so much more than all of that!

i know that when life seems so hard, like nothing is going your way, you’re broke, you’re relationship is at a stand still, its easy to get down and upset about life. your life.

your life is what you let it be.

If it is your life then isn’t it up for you to decide?

people are always saying to me, “Bailee, grow up” “Bailee, you should worry more.”

i believe i worry plenty because man do i worry about all kinds of things. There is so much more than worry. Lots of other things are going on. Like love, family, new paths, most important there is chance, there is hope.

remember sometimes the shadow is you standing in your own light. Other times its the dark that means the light is near.

If only i could see the events that are unfolding in the way i usually do. Its hard when i am up against some ones feelings when the way they think is whatever is happening is world ending, life altering, and hating life all around.

i wonder so much how to make it better, to be there better, to do better all together.

maybe i should realize that i am doing more and better, maybe for once I’m really not the problem.



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