Into the new year

I Wish that when a new year started everything clean slate. I suppose it would make life to easy. If everything you had struggled with was gone and you got a fresh and better start at everything. if all the things you said you wanted to do in the new year were more achievable.

Sadly its not the way it works. With the new year all it brings is the same life you have been living for all the years before. Maybe in a way it does bring something new. a new found hope to make it through another year, hope to be better, stronger,  smarter, skinner, kinder. More than you ever were.
Is it possible that even if all your resolutions go down the drain you are better and more than the year before?

What will this year bring? I am more than happy 2014 is behind us. To me the new year brings hope.
My life can change this year.
But that’s every year, it’s every day.
All that it depends on is me.
Who am I?
I do not know but let’s see what this year brings


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