with rain and shine

I’m sorry for all that i have done,

I’m sorry for all the times you needed me and i was to self absorbed to be there. I’m so sorry i talk about my self all the time, I’m sorry that i resorted to the child act of calling you names.

I’m sorry that i have let you down in so many ways.

I’m sorry for staying angry with you all the time. I’m sorry for pushing to much when i should have helped you talk in other ways. I’m sorry i made it were everything is complicated.

i love you.

with that love that is so undeniable i can save us both. we have grown, even apart. Love like ours patiently waits for us to make things right.

a love like ours does anything and everything.

with a love that is so pure no damage can stop it. sometimes people say things they never mean but love is kind so it fills the cracks we leave with new soil, so that anything once broken can be made beautiful.

in a love like ours it starts the healing for us. while i am the storm and you are the sun. we can make a beautiful life bloom. only with the rain and the shine.


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