blanket of peace

So it’s weird the way life works. 

You knew that already.

I think it’s been obvious in my past few blogs I’ve been having relationship issues. I haven’t given up on “T” but there just isn’t much that I can do but take my life one day at a time. I’ve been so stressed because I would be the one to leave our home and start completely over with little because o wouldn’t have the place for my things. Or our things divided up. I’ve been fearful of the what ifs and the whys and the lack of knowing anything of what’s going to happen to me.

I started playing city league softball last night (I’ve played softball my entire life).  There is something about that sport that just makes me feel at home with myself. I was standing on second base got the ball turned to throw it to sort stop to tag the girl and my throw was awful. Completely messed it up. But the girl didn’t get to third. And I had stopped the ball.

Even when everything isn’t perfect, good things happen.  I had tried and that’s what counts. I let go of all my problems and left them right there on the field. Today I got a better job offer and among a few other great things. Letting go and just letting God and the universe deal with the things out of my control I have found a small blanket of peace.


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