I don’t want anyone to dislike T, so it’s hard to truly talk about what is going on in my life with the people I am close too. People who know you will always tak your side and grow to dislike the one you are with.

But the truth is I’m not sure she and I will make it. The truth is maybe I was an asshole one to many times and she won’t ever see me as anything but a monster. I was dealing (not well obviously) with some problems we could never talk about. Things she did or said and the things I did and said because of it. Wrong way after wrong way. We are working on things from our recent maybe we should break up talk. Seeing if we could fix our problems. Which I’m sure we can, I’m just not sure if she wants too. Actually I think she is moving on. But she is still here trying to work it out. I don’t want her to stay because I love her or she thinks I have no where to leave too. We are supposed to be communicating more. We never talk about things still. She thinks I can’t handle things. The only thing she doesn’t understand is that it’s hard for anyone when they are suddenly hit with years, months, or weeks of a problem they didn’t know about because nothing was said until BOOOOM. 

I just have no idea how to fix this except to try and show her I love her and appreciate her. 

But the question is now, 

Does she love me?



  1. Sounds like you guys will have a lot to talk about! Make sure to write all the points down that you want to discuss so you don’t forget anything.

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