There is so much That is fucked up inside of me. That’s dark and full of secrets.

I was one of the worst people I’ve ever known for the longest time. 

I caused more heartaches and suffering then I want to admit. 

I’ve been a cheater and a liar. I’ve done so much wrong

I remade myself into a good person. I was born from two dark, selfish, weak willed people. 
I made me strong, conscious of others, more then the average.

But when it comes down to it….I’ve been the worst of the worst.
I remade myself and was able to love and be loved. By allowing myself to feel I finally had my heart broken for the first time. I was allowed to really care for others. Be concious of my actions, my words, my heart. I feel weaker then I ever have. But to give into emotions. To give everything into the connections you make with people, it’s beautiful. Rather it ends sad, happy, confusing, whatever it is. You can find beauty. All you have to do is look. Stop chasing for the perfect life and find the perfection in the chaos.  I accept the bad in me. I accept all parts of me. I accept I can’t always be on point with others but I can still be happy. There is always light, even if the only light around is the one inside of you.

This is my life, I am here. I fight for myself and for all people. I fight to be the difference the world needs. If you can be connected to anyone in the world, by what like 3-6 people, then anything you do could change the world.

Be different. Be bold. Love and be loved. Fight for yourself, you deserve it.


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