sometimes I feel so together, sometimes I fall completely apart.

Sometimes I feel loved, sometimes I feel hated.

Sometimes I think I’m happy, sometimes I know I’m not.

Bipolar. Yep. Thank you.

I try to control it. But not everything is because I’m bipolar. Just because I have mood swings doesn’t mean every mood change is one. Sometimes it could be because I really am hurting or sad. Maybe upset about something that is real. 

Sometimes I just wish you would care to listen. 



  1. Great post! I relate to it all too well. You might like the lyrics to my song “More Than Bipolar” – here’s a link to my post in which I’m serenading it to my collie Lucy. I’m not a guitarist by any means, but I gave it my best shot! 😉

    Take care, hang in there!


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