When you want to scream. But it wouldn’t matter. She doesn’t see you. Or maybe just doesn’t care.  It’s like I have never mattered. All the change and work I’ve put in. With no help. With feeling more and more like a monster the better I’ve changed. To not giving up because of love. Because she keeps me here for us never to actually be. I just want my life back. Not even my old one, just my life. No story is ever going to be written the way you want it. But should I just give up and start a new chapter? 

Where do you place the line? When do you cross it to move on? When do you give up on the love that will stick to you for the rest of your life. When do you let your families feel the loss with you. When do you give all your dreams together up?

I don’t want to lose her.

But it’s like I don’t even have her anyways…

Like I never actually did.


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