I like to think I’ve myself as different then other people. Because I love unconditionally and am a hopeless romantic, I thought that made me different. A little it does but not in the ways I had believed. I still stay in the same situations that most do. “In the name of love.”

What makes me the same, is that more then not a person will do anything for love. Putting up with things they said they never would, staying after life changing events, heartaches.  I regret nothing. 

I think it’s time to start controlling my heart some instead of letting it control me. The world is a different place. There are less human connections. Which makes no place for the ones who have the need to truly know others and see them, to be there and show love.

The thing about women is they say they want the one who will be there, the one that will love them forever, the good hearted one. They don’t though, they want the one who is wrong, the one that doesn’t have good morals, the one who would never be all that you are willing to be,  and the one that would not have stayed when you did. I hate to be so negative and I’m sure there are other women like me that really do want these things and would really have it. Modern love isn’t compassionate or understanding. People used to write sonnets confessing there love, raw and real. I wish there was a place for me in this world so I might not be so lonely. I am okay by myself and with myself. I just feel unseen.


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