Needing you hurts

I wish that you would see me. I wish you would stop being so cold. I wish you’d bring back the sweet girl. Stop letting the world make you hardened. I know the world has done you wrong. I know that everyone has failed you, even me. But I am not the person who failed you. She was of another time. I am the girl who fell in love with you 3 years ago. I am the one who’s heart remains broken to just be with you. I am the one who hasn’t left your side no matter what has happened. I’m the one who accepts all that has happened and still loves you. I miss you and I need you. I would love to look into the eyes of the girl who held me so dear and know I am still here and loved. I hate that I need you
I don’t love you because I need you.
I need you because I love you.