My year of hell

This last year I put myself through hell. I stayed in a relationship that has slowly ate away at my soul. For love. Because I can not give up on the person I know she can be. She picks to not be that, time after time.

yet I wait. With the ideas that love is about not giving up on people in their weaker moments in life. She has recently been made to feel how I feel. She says this must be how you feel every day.

she has no idea. One day of pain. Year I’ve had almost 365. And I love fair deeper then she could ever understand. I told her the truth and she thought I was lying. Thought she knew because she loved. Love is blinding to the truth. Now she will probably continue to do this. And never have the honest relationship that she could with me.

even though I fought hard and passionately there will be not time where I get to be. So for a year I put myself through hell. What’s the point of me loving her and she loving another. One that does to her what she does to me.