Story of My Life


We are about to go on a small adventure of my life. To know a day in the life of me, what it really means to me.

I suppose some of this is for me, all of it probably. Some times the best way to work through things is to get them out. Write them out, see the words on the outside rather than in.

I know I said I wanted to be most positive in my blog post…this will not all be positive. That’s life, it’s not anyways sunshine and rainbows. It’s what you let it become that matters. I could continue to use it all as a crutch or I can have it as a journey that leads to the life I want. Which is the life I have. Every day, even the messy ones.

I’m going to write it in parts to not bombard the brave ones still reading this. It’ll be easier to work through. I mostly remember my life this way. Chapters of me.

Ramble of a Writing

Do you love the life you live?

That’s a hard to answer that sometimes. I think that no one loves every part of their life all the time. Right now I’d say I love about half of my life but the half I love now maybe the part I don’t love so much next week.

I love working and getting to meet all these new people but I hate being away from home. I hate missing my lady and our pups. I miss my bed and my pillow (I never remember to bring my pillow). I always want to get alone time and now that I have it I feel lonely.

So the point of what I am saying is that sometimes the things you want aren’t what you need. Sometimes the things you hate become the things you love. If you feel like nothing is going right, tomorrow is a new day and you can change the way you see things. Even the worst of situations can have the best out come. You just have to decide what will make or break you, everything is a temporary situation but what you do with those situations is what matters.