Words come to life

Tonight I don’t even know where to begin with my thought process of this writing. What will later seem like I can’t shut about about struggles to find the right way to began to come to life.

Have you ever noticed that if you ever did something to someone, that later on if they do it to you, you still end up being the person in the wrong. Again.

It’s easy to call people names, tell them they are bad in some way. I’m an offender of such. I have let my mouth get away and say things that have better ways to be said.

If you are consistently telling someone they are shitty, bitchy, whining, not strong enough, etc. then yes eventually they will find themselves as shitty as you say. Why? Because even those of us that “don’t care what others think of us” we still care what the ones we love think. It is natural too. If someone loves you, even if they hate you actually, you should be watchful of what your mouth may speak into this already harsh world. 

Let us learn to speak more gently to one another. For what you speak truly does come to life.


New formation

  I’m always questioning where to draw lines in life. I think I have found that there are two lines to every situation. 

The first line. It’s the one you should have paid attention too. The one you walked right over without a second thought. The one that could have saved you from feeling the way you do right now.

The second line. It’s the one you make without realizing its formed from the shattered pieces of your soul. The one thing you forgot to protect as you tried so hard to make things right.

I can’t feel the line forming. I continue to fight it. Picking up the pieces trying to find the right places as it all falls back into its new formation.

The mess of the breakupĀ 

it’s been almost 40 days since “T” and I broke up. She is currently mad and not talking to me. She gets to mess with girls and have them in her house which was once our home. She gets to do as she pleases with no rebuttal from me. Ive given her the freedom she claimed she needed to find herself. I left go because I do truly love her.  

She hates my friends and apparently I am having sex with everyone I know. One girl kissed me. One night. Now I’m the bad guy who had hurt her. 

If you didn’t want other people kissing me why would you break up with me? I mean it’s what did she think would happen? She is dating other people. I’ve had one girl kiss me. 

I don’t even know what to begin to do. I’m tired of being hurt by her and ending up the bad person. I’m a good person, I’d give you the shirt off my back.