New Day

I deleted all my old post. I needed too. Needed to start new, didn’t need a reminder of who I was. Not that I was bad but I’m more at peace with myself now.

Not that any of that really matters but just in case anyone’s still following me from that time.

So I want to be a lot more series about my writing and to do it more often. Not everyday but a few times a week.

I used to write constantly. Stories, journals, poems…I let life get in the way of who I am.

So much got in the way of me pursing “The American Dream.” Which of course blew up in my face pretty good. My business partner found the company better without me. Which I’m upset about and don’t like the way it was done, however I feel so much lighter inside. I still want to do the same thing but until I can I’m saving up money. I drive 6 hours to stay with my cousin every other week to work Ride Share Jobs in a bigger city. Also do them at home plus two food delivery. Anything not be sucked back into Restaurant Management. I want more than being yelled at by someone who is angry about numbers or working for a pay check that maybe stable but is small.

I always wanted to be a writer. Of course I AM a writer but I want to be a known writer. I want to share with people the way the things I’ve read have shared with me.

So here’s to the remaking of this blog.

Here’s to you for reading it!