Finally a ramble

It’s been a while. Always more promises of writing. Never actually finding the time.

The time I’m finding at this moment is walking to unlock  the door for work. Turning off an alarm that likes to be difficult Off.

Reading all the tacky notes this old  man leaves who hates me because he is in his 60s and I’m 27. I’m his boss, for the second time. He does everything he can to make it look like I’m failing. I’m doing his paper work for last night. It has to be done before the morning can start. Yet I’m the bad manager.

Every moment at this place is hell. My air conditioner doesn’t even work.

Let’s turn on the fryers. My cook will be mad if their job isn’t done.

Not to mention my life still revolves around “T”

Who wants me. But doesn’t.

I stay around.

My job sucks.

My home life sucks.

I’ve felt like crying all day for the past few days.

I don’t though. I can’t, there isn’t any time for it at the moment. So I hold it in, I smile, and I work hard helping my team. Being a great boss who is equally hated and liked. 

I never thought I’d be this adult. I guess I always believed I’d be more by now. I have to be more then this. I can not spend the rest of my life as the general manager of a food place. I mean there isn’t anything wrong with this profession. It’s just not meant for me.



Well I still haven’t seen Florida besides the airport to the hotel and the hotel to work. I’ve made a few new friends. Mostly I’m alone. Don’t get me wrong I totally love my own company and I don’t mind being alone usually. That’s when I’m at home and comfortable with my own things. I have the option to not be alone. When you don’t have that option it’s lonely.

Work went well. I mean I didn’t do anything and now I have to study. Seriously the book they gave me is ridiculous! It’s for sure 20 days worth of learning and I get to keep it for my store. Which means I’ll be able to train everyone correctly. Have my managers on point. 

I’m ready for my first adventure here. I’m off on Sunday’s and don’t work very late the days I do work. I want to go to the beach. Even if it’s to cold to get in, I just want my feet in the water for a moment. To be apart of something greater then myself. 


what did you wanna be

what did you want to be when you were small?

i wanted to be a rock star…

what did you want to be in high school?

i wanted to be a rock star….

what are you now?

soon to be life insurance seller….

…… i wanna be a rock star……

Bored at work

I don’t like a job that I’m bored at.
While I’m takin my test and waiting for results, I have the easiest and worst job. Some of my friends say I’m crazy for hating it, but I just stand in the same place all day and do nothing.
Well I blog, play on my phone, chat it up with “T” and talk to a customer every few hours.
I get paid an okay amount an hour, not great, but enough.
I hate a job where I can’t succeed and do more to become more.
Instead I’m standing here wasting my life away for a small amount of pocket change. I’ve been here for awhile with my boss gone. No work to be done.
So bored.

The top of texas is brown

I live in a place that lacks excitement.
There is nothing to see, no beautiful mountains.
It has little trees, a few hills, a small canyon, and nothing but boring run down bars.
Not that we go to bars much, but it would be nice to go out side and be able to do something.
It’s brown all year round.
There’s the river…mostly dried out. But you need dirt bikes, four wheels, or something four wheel drive.
You can only go to the movies so many times. Honestly it’s so expensive last time I took “T” we spent $40. That’s as much as our ticket at the restaurant we went to before the show.
Boredom can starve a relationship. Works the same everyday, nothing exciting happens, and we can never find anything to do.
I think we are pretty strong these days.
It’s hard to not feel like you are drifting apart when nothing new is happening.
I’m writing this at work where I stand and do nothing.
I hate this job.